202203 Peer Education Application Form

202203 Peer Education Application Form

Peer Education is a team of students who have excelled in their courses at FIC and want to help other students do the same through one-on-one academic support and mentorship.

Time Commitment:
• 2 hours per week for Peer Education shift
• volunteering at workshops/events
• training sessions
This program requires a two semester consecutive commitment, starting next semester (Spring 2023).

Important Dates:
Interviews for selected candidates will be held on Sunday, October 16th sometime between 8:30AM and 3:00PM PDT. Please DO NOT schedule anything else between those times.
Successful applicants will also be required to attend Student Leadership Training (SLT) on Sunday, November 6th.
Program-specific training will be in-person and date TBD.

• Strong academic performance and understanding of course content with a minimum grade of A- in courses you will support students with
• Effective communication skills and ability to explain academic concepts
• Minimum one (1) FIC Instructor reference must fill out the Confidential Recommendation form

Important Notice:
Students that hold Student Leadership positions within the FIC community have the ability to take advantage of the following privilege:
If you are a current FIC student who becomes a member of a Student Leadership Program, you will be given priority enrolment for Spring 2023 Semester. To be able to qualify for this you must attend the interview process, and if you are selected to become a member, you must attend the training days (both SLT and Program-specific training). If you are selected and do not attend training days then we will hold the right to remove you from the program. This will result in the removal of this privilege and you will be dropped from your classes. This is a privilege that must be earned and respected and the commitment is very serious.

Please note that applicants must ask an instructor to fill out the Confidential Recommendation for the FIC Peer Education Program.