FIC Application for Documents Form

FIC Application for Documents Form

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. Please read the instructions on this form VERY carefully. Any errors will cause significant delays in your order being processed. Please be aware of your deadlines when you fill out the form as we are receiving a high volume of requests. Therefore, any last minute requests will be processed under the rush processing time ONLY (2 business days).

If you are ordering more than 1 type of document (for example, you want to order a transcript and a completion letter), you will need to fill out this form twice.

If you are looking for the Tax Form (also called T2202A) or a Letter of Acceptance, please DO NOT fill out this form. You are able to download your Tax Form from the FIC Student Portal. Please contact the FIC Finance Team at if you have questions regarding the form itself.
We do NOT process new Letters of Acceptance as this is ONLY done when you were FIRST admitted to FIC and they expire once you have enrolled in classes.

If you are a full time FIC Student looking for an Enrolment Letter, there is NO need to fill out the form. You can download it on your own by going to your Student Portal and selecting Enrolment Letter. If you are a part-time FIC student or you are unable to download it on your own, then you will need to fill out this form. However, if you are deferring a semester (i.e. taking a leave of absence), you will need to apply for a Deferral Letter. Deferring students CANNOT request for an enrolment letter.

If you are a student in the AAD program and are waiting for confirmation that you successfully completed your program, please wait for the Student Success Team to email you directly BEFORE you order your documents as the approval times may take up to SIX weeks. Please email if you have any questions regarding your approval process.

If you are a CURRENT FIC student and you wish to have your Fall 2021 final grades included on your transcript, you will need to wait until the grades are released BEFORE you request the document. Otherwise, you will end up paying for your document twice.

Thank you for your flexibility and patience during the current circumstances as we continue to maintain the health and safety of our community. Stay safe!

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